How do matching gifts work?

When making a donation, your donors have the option to indicate that their employer has a gift/donation matching program. When they indicate this, they are prompted to enter the name of their employer into a text box. Upon completing their donation, this information will appear in both your Donor Detail report and, once the disbursement is sent to your organization, your Payment Detail report.

The two columns of your reports that are affected are:

  • Matching Gift - If the donor indicated that their employer gift-matches, this will be "Yes".
  • Matching Company - This will display the name of the company that your donor specified.

You may use the information that your donor provided to locate and contact your donor's company and have them further elaborate on what you need to do to collect the matched donation.

If the company they enter is in the HEP database, information included in the HEP database to collect on matching gifts will pop-up on screen.

Additionally, another paragraph is added to the confirmation email sent to your donor once their donation has been successfully processed, if they indicated that their employer gift-matches. If you are a FirstGiving Premium Account subscriber, this paragraph can be edited on the same page as your Thank You Email as described in this article.

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