How do I customize my online donate button?

How to get your Online Donate Button

Once you log in to your nonprofit account, click on Create Widget on the Widgets tab.

Copy and paste the javascript code we give you.

If you wish to update your button, click Update Button

You will now be able to make changes or updates to your button. 


Organization Logo

A small, square logo image that will appear next to your organization's name.  Images will be resized to 80x80 pixels.

Organization Name
Your organization's name - this will automatically be filled in, but you can edit it if you need to.

Your Mission or Goal
A short blurb that appears at the top of the donation window.  This is limited to 350 characters (bear in mind that you'll be installing it on your website where there is already a great deal of information about your organization, so you don't need to go into too much depth here).

Choose your button color
We give you 7 color options for your button.  You can hover over them to see a preview of how they will appear; click the color you want in order to select it.

Multiple Giving Levels
We give you the option to create multiple giving levels, each with a dollar amount and a description. We recommend that you enter dollar amounts and descriptions that represent what your organization can do with the money. You are limited to 3 giving levels.



Advanced Features
click the gear icon to see the advanced options

Invite donors to pay the transaction fee
If you choose "Yes," donors will have the option to cover the transaction fees for their donations through your donation button (it is still optional for each donor).  If you choose "No," donors will not be able to cover the fee, and all fees will be deducted from the donation amount.  The default setting is "Yes."

Invite donors to make a recurring donation
If you choose "Yes," donors will have the option to make their donation a monthly, quarterly, or yearly gift (it is still optional for each donor).  If you choose "No," all donations will be one-time only.  The default setting is "Yes."

Send donation notification emails
This refers to sending notification emails to you, or to someone at your organization - all donors are automatically notified of their donation being processed successfully.  If you choose "Yes," you'll be asked for an email address where notifications should be sent, and we'll send a copy of each receipt email to that address.  If you choose "No," we won't send you a notification.  The default setting is "No."

Thank you email
You can customize the thank-you message that goes out with each receipt here.  It's useful to enter tax-deductibility information here; if that information is included in the message from the nonprofit, it means the receipt can be used for the donor's taxes.

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