What does covering fees for my donation mean?

Nonprofits pay a small fee to use our service. It’s 5% on the donation, plus a standard credit card processing fee of 2.5%.

You may notice that the total amount for donors who pay the fee is slightly higher than the donation amount + 7.5%. This is because the credit card processing company's fee of 2.5% is applied to the full amount transacted (donation + 5%).

The full amount transacted is the amount that will show on the email confirmation/receipt and the amount that will be charged to your card. On the fundraising page, your intended donation will be displayed. As a result, you may see some seemingly odd donation amounts, for example, $10.77, coming through in your email notifications of donations made.

This is not mandatory and is totally up to you as a donor as to whether or not you would like to cover the fee.



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