I thought I was a top fundraiser, but I'm not on the Iist?

If your fundraising page used to be listed in Top Fundraisers on the nonprofit's start page, and it disappears off that list, here are the possible reasons why that has occurred:

  • Your fundraising page has expired.  This occurs 3 months after the event you have signed up for.  When this occurs, your page is still visible, but it will no longer accept donations.  Only active pages are shown in the Top Fundraisers list.
  • The event your page was signed up for has expired.  Nonprofits need their events to close so that they can begin preparing for the next event, and so that they can keep their accounting in order and know exactly how much each event raised.  The Top Fundraisers list only pulls from pages set up for active events.  Generally, your fundraising page will expire at the same time the event does.
  • Other fundraisers have raised more than you.  The Top Fundraisers list shows only the top 5 fundraisers for that nonprofit or event.  If you've been pushed down to #6, you won't appear on the Top Fundraisers list (but you'll still be on the list of all fundraisers).  This means it's time to step it up and get back on that leaderboard!


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