How do I add or change photos?

Go to your fundraising page and sign in to your account with your email address and password.

Click Edit next to the page you want to add photos to.

Click Add photos & video.


Below the main page image, click Change this Image to upload or Add images from Flickr.


Once you have selected Change This Image please choose to upload your own image.


You may then select the Choose File option.This is where you will choose a photo that is saved to your computer. Please note that the Maximum Images Size is 12MB.


Once you have chosen your image, you will see your image title displayed. Next, please select the Upload button.



This photo will then be uploaded and you will be able to select the I'm happy with my image button. If you are not happy with this image, please feel free to Start Again.


As always, don't forget to Save & Continue!


**If you entered your Flickr username and can't get your photos to display, you may not have enough images in your photostream.  Make sure there are at least five images in your photostream so that your Flickr images display on your page.**


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