What is the general donations report?

You can use this report to learn more about the donors who contributed directly to your nonprofit and thank them for their gifts. You can also find out whose employers have matching gift programs. You can access the general donations report through the reports tab. Use this report for:

  • Sending thank you letters
  • Tracking matching gifts;

You can also see an overall picture of donors across all events by selecting "event donations"--one of the filters at the top.


You can break down your details by using the donation status filter specific to this summary.

About donation status There are two types of process status for credit card payments: processed and not processed.

  • Processed displays donations that have been authorized.
  • Not Processed shows donations that have been submitted, but not yet authorized. These donations are subject to verification by FirstGiving's card processor.

You can also view donors by date range or find a donor by name. Just enter your details and click Search.


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