What is the fundraiser detail report?

This report shows a list of everyone who has made a fundraising page for a particular event.  

On this page you can:

  • See the Donor Details icon in the first column if that page has any donations.  
  • Filter by, the page's status - it may be either Active (currently accepting donations), Completed (visible on the site, but no longer accepting donations), or Cancelled (removed from the site). 
  • See the date that the page was created, so that you can keep track of any waves of page creation - perhaps linked to a publicity push from your side? - and see how long a certain page has been running. 
  • Fundraising page address, fundraiser's name, email, and address, and how much that page has raised for each page in the report, and if a page is a member of a team, we'll also list the team name.


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