How do I customize my payment report?

The Payment Details in your nonprofit reporting area is now customizable. 

To customize your report, sign into your Nonprofit account area, click the Reports tab, and choose the Payment Reports.

Next choose one of the reports and click the green dollar sign icon next to it.

Here is where you can change the report look.

  •  Click the Edit Columns button on the right.

  • The left column shows you all available columns.You can click on one to move it, rename it, or hide it. 

  • If you choose to hide columns, they will appear on the right side. When you are happy with the changes, remember to click Save.

  • After clicking Save, the report will refresh itself and show your changes in the top row.

The report settings will save and export the same way you now see them on the screen.

  • Please note that the changes you make and save will stay this way for all users of the account, so if you have more then one person using this report, you may want to talk about what columns are needed and not with them.
  • And there is a Reset option so you can change the settings back to the original.


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