How do I customize my nonprofit page?

As a Premium FirstGiving account will have the option to edit your nonprofit landing page. This will allow you to edit the look & feel of your live nonprofit home page.

What can I customize?

The Page Theme

  • The background image and its position
  • The Header, Button, Link and Text colors

Your Page Options

  • Show Top Teams
  • Show Top Fundraisers
  • Show Donate Button
  • Show Total Raised
  • Total Donations Since Date
  • Allow Grassroots Events

Adding a Video & Photos


Once signed into your nonprofit account, please select the Edit Theme link under the Nonprofit Page tab.

You will see all features that you can edit under the Page Theme and Page Options.

 You May also edit your Banner Image, Test, Images, and Resource Links.

  • Banner image (located at the top): Add a 1430 x 350 pixel jpg or gif image.
  • Text 4000 characters of text, which you can format - you can also include links and images
  • Images (located on the right side): Up to 3 images arranged down the right-hand side of your nonprofit page.
  • Options: Up to 3 resource links that will appear under the About tab of your nonprofit page, as well as the ability to turn different sections of your page on and off


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