QAS - Address Validation

If you have an account with QAS (, you can enable it within the FrontStream platform. Address Verification enables donors and registrants to validate their own addresses before submitting their details. If they provide an incomplete or incorrect address, the system will suggest alternative addresses. If enabled, this validation will occur on any page where users are prompted to enter an address.

Tip: The steps below enable address verification for your organization. You must also enable it for each event that will use this feature. By default, address verification is turned off for each event. You can enable address verification for an event using Event Settings on the Events tab.

Step 1 Click the Configuration Tab

Select QAS Address Validation

Step 2 Enable QAS

  • To enable address verification, click Enable.
  • Beside Deployment Number and Account Password, type the ID and password required to access your address verification account.

Tip: It is important to review the Address Validation Log periodically for two reasons. The first is to make sure that the organization is being charged appropriately by QAS. The second is to monitor whether suggested corrections are being used when they are proposed to registrants and donors.

Click Submit.

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