Privacy policy

A generic privacy policy is provided, but if your organization has its own privacy policy, you can include it using the steps below.

Step 1 Click the Configuration Tab

Click Privacy Policy

Step 2 Enable and create your Privacy Policy

  • Below Enable Privacy Policy functionality, click Yes if you want your own privacy policy to appear before the generic privacy policy provided. (If you click No, no privacy policy will appear at all – this function will be disabled.)
  • Choose the language you want to specify a privacy policy for. (English or French)
  • Below the Privacy Policy heading, type the text of your organization’s privacy policy. (Note: The maximum number of characters you can enter is 7900 with spaces)
  • If you would like to include your organization’s logo in the privacy policy, click the Browse button, locate the folder the logo is in, and click the logo file. The path and file name now appear in this field.

Tip: You can copy your organization’s privacy policy and paste in this field instead of typing it. You must use HTML tags to format the text properly.


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