Working with existing administrators

Once an administrator is set up, you may have to do any of the following tasks:

  • Change administrator information and password
  • Change an administrator’s access rights
  • Reset the 30-minute lockout on the administrator’s account
  • Deactivate the administrator’s access

Step 1 Changing administrator information and password

On the Configuration Tab, select the Administrator you wish to edit

Step 2 Update Your Administrator's Contact Information or Reset their Password

Edit Administrator details as desired



Scroll down to update the administrator's password


Step 3 Resetting the 30 minute lockout for an administrator

After 6 unsuccessful attempts to log in, an administrator is locked out of the account for 30 minutes. To reset the lockout immediately for the administrator, click the box beside Undo Lockout and save.


Step 4 Deactivating Administrator Access

You cannot delete administrators once you set them up, you can only deactivate their access. Please note that deactivation of an account does not keep an administrator from logging in. To move the administrator to the Archived list of administrators, uncheck the box next to Active Account shown below. To keep a user from having access to Artez after archival, you can change the Tabs & Menu Items as well as Events rights so they are both set to none or you can reset the password of the user to something that the former registrant would not know to access the administrative portal.


Related video- "Deactivate/Reactivate Admin Account"

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