Introducing the home tab

The home tab consists of the following sections:

  • Links in the top right corner that enable you to change your password (Your Name) and to log out (Log Out)
  • Tabs along the top (imagine file folders in a drawer with labeled tabs). The selected tab is white while others are grey. In the example above, the Home tab is selected.
  • A navigation pane on the left. On most tabs the navigation pane contains menu items related to the tab. The selected menu item is shown in gold. In the example above, the navigation pane on the Home tab enables you to search for help on user support topics.
  • On most tabs, the middle of the page is where you will work. On the Home tab it contains recent news, but on other tabs this area contains fields that you fill in.
  • On the Home tab only, grey boxes on the left provide you with support information.

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