Payment types explained

In this section, you can set up one-time or monthly credit card payments for donations and registrations.

Tip: You will not see monthly payment types unless you have set up a monthly donation plan for your organization.

  • Below Payment Purpose, choose whether you are setting up a payment type for donations or registrations.
  • Below Select the method you would like the “Payment Types” displayed to the user, click Single-line display or Multi-line display.
  • The first option means that users will click an arrow to display the answers.
  • The second option means that all of the answers will be listed and the user will click the button beside one to select it (like the choices for the Select the method you would like the “Payment Types” displayed to the user option).


  • Donor-Entered Pledge enables donors to enter pledges online without entering their credit card information. Registrants are responsible for collecting these pledges just as for offline pledges.
  • EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer. If you enable this payment type, you will be able to collect bank account information from donors, but you will need to process this data offline.
  • Click the Details link beside the payment type you want to set up.
  • Click the box beside Enabled to put a check mark in it. Tip: Monthly Payments require monthly emails to be enabled.
  • Beside Name, type the name you want this type of payment to be called on the donation page.

Click Submit.

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