Donor option to cover the processing fee

Step One: From the admin console, choose an event and then click on Event Settings.

Step Two: Within the Donation section, select the Allow donor to cover the processing fee checkbox.

You now have the option to specify a percentage that will be added to the donation (if the donor opts in) or a set dollar amount. You can also specify a value in both fields for a combined value.

Choose Submit.

The Donor Experience With “Donor Covers The Processing Fee” Enabled

When this option is enabled on a donation form, a checkbox will be visible on the donation page under the donation amount field. If the donor selects this option, the associated processing fee will be added to the donation amount.

After the donor enters their gift value in the donation amount field, the processing fee amount is automatically calculated and displayed to the user so they may preview the additional cost.

On the Donation Summary page, the donor is presented with the total amount that will be charged to their credit card or PayPal account.

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