Creating a new event using the Event Setup Wizard

Fundraising Pro makes creating your new event quick and easy! With the addition of our Event Setup Wizard, you will be guided through the event setup process with a series of simple questions which will impact your event's configuration. If you are unsure at any point during setup, choose and answer and you can always change any of the settings after you have created the event.

Note: If you're creating a demo event, you can always archive it later.

Using the Event Setup Wizard

Step 1: From the administrator console, click on Events.

Step 2: From the left menu options, click on Setup New Event.

Step 3: Choose the type of event you wish to setup and click Next.

Note: Steps may vary depending on the event type that is being created. Make sure you choose a correct template type for your event (Guide to All Templates).

The steps below will show you the Event/Campaign template set up process.

Step 4: You are now given the option to create a new event or create a copy of an existing event.

Create a New Event

Step 5: To create a new event select “I want to create a new event”.

Step 6: You are asked a series of questions which determine the settings of the event being created.

Step 7: Supply the information for your event and click Finish to continue with the wizard.

Tip: Export Event ID is used to identify your event on your reports. Your users will not see this anywhere. 

Step 8: Since we answered the question “Are there multiple locations for your event?” with “Yes” we are prompted to enter the information for each location.

Step 9: You are then prompted to enter outgoing email information.

Step 10: Next, you will be asked a series of questions which determine the donation settings of the event being created.

Step 11: Enter the waiver information and click Next.

Step 12: Upload Header/Footer Images.
Tip: If you do not have a header and/or footer to upload for your new event, you can skip this portion of the setup. After your event setup, you are able to change any settings that are created

Step 13: Click Finish to create a new event.

Step 14: Additional options are displayed to easily setup other aspects of your event like purchase items and customization. Click Done to move to the Event Summary

Tip: On the Event Summary page, you need to click "Open Public Access To Event" to see the public-facing website. Then, you can click on the link next to Event Home Page to be redirected to the user's view.

Once you have complete all steps in the Event Setup Wizard, your event will be created and will follow all the options you have chosen.  As a reminder, you can go through the various sections of your event after creation to fine-tune your event.

Note: Don't forget to open public access to your event so you can check out your user's view. Even if you open public access to your event, nobody would be able to visit your page unless you have shared the direct link to the website.  

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