Adding a Microsite Page

Administrators now have the ability to create additional blank content pages for their events. These “microsite pages” can be linked from any page, external website or blog. Microsite pages are available for all event templates.

To create a microsite page:

Step 1: Open the Content section of your event

From the admin console choose your event, donation form or purchase template. Then, click "Content" on the left menu.


Step 2: Expand the Microsite section and click "Add"


Step 3: Set a Title & URL Segment for the page

In the Title field, specify a title. This is the title of the page displayed in the browser when the page is viewed.

In the URL Segment specify a value. The value inserted here should be meaningful as it will be appended to the end of the microsite page URL. For instance: “About_Us” or “Our_Corporate_Sponsors”


Step 4: Add content to the body of the page

The editor allows you to create or insert content for your page. You can simply type in content, create tables, insert images, or you can also click on the source button to insert or modify HTML.


In the Additional CSS section, you can specify unique CSS that will be applied only to your microsite page. (Please note that opening and closing style tags are not required.) This CSS will override the overall event CSS if you have modified your event pages with CSS.


Step 5: Click Save

You can also preview the page by clicking on the Preview button or copy the link into a browser window.



Content pages support bilingual events. You may choose to build an English and a French page with content that is unique to each. Alternately, you may make a single page that is applicable to users in both languages.

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