User defined field keywords in emails

When creating a survey question, the text entered for the question’s Data Transfer ID will become part of the corresponding keyword.

After creating your User Defined Field questions, the Data Transfer ID set for each question will appear in the "View System Keywords" pop-up box for applicable emails on the event or donation form.

To Add a keyword to an email, open the email in the Emails section and put your cursor exactly where you would like to insert the keyword.

Then select the "Insert Keyword" button and select your keyword.

These keywords can be added to the body of the email. In a scenario where a question has not been answered by a registrant or donor, the answer keyword will be return as blank. It is not necessary to include the UDF question keyword in the email alongside the answer keyword.

For instance, an organization could set a non-mandatory question: “Allocate your donation towards one of the following funds:” With the checkbox answers: “Environment / International Development / Community”. In this scenario, the answer keyword could be used on tax receipts or on emails. Donors who did not answer the fund allocation question would not see a fund name listed in their email.

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