Creating an email layout

Administrators can use an easy editor to style and save “layouts” that may be applied to event emails. Standard HTML can be used in the header, footer, and body content sections.

Step 1: Click Emails

Setup your Sender name and the Reply-to email address once for all emails in your event.

Step 2: Create a layout

In the Manage Layouts section you will have the ability to create one or more email layouts for your events.

To add a header and footer image to your email templates click on the image icon in the toolbar. We recommend images with a 600 pixel width for optimal results.

NOTE: Once you upload your header and footer into your layout, you will need to right click on your header or footer and click on "Image Properties." Once the window pops up, you will need to change the image width to 600px.

Click the Browse Server button to upload an image. You can save multiple images in your gallery.

To make your header or footer image clickable, enter your destination URL on the link tab.

For advanced styling of your layout:

  • Enter custom HTML by selecting the Source button
  • Select Advanced Options to style fonts, links, background colours and enter custom CSS

Tip: Set your Layout as default to automatically apply to all emails in your event.

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