Dashboard tab - email KPI's

The Dashboard tab in the administration console allows your organization to gain powerful insight into the performance of your email. Through the Dashboard you can track important KPI’s such as delivery/bounce rate, opens and click rate. This guide provides an overview of this new feature.

How it works:

A new “Dashboard” tab has been added to the administrator console. When you click on the Dashboard tab, the first page you will see is an organizational summary of your email performance.

Note: Email data is not in real time. It may take several hours for the data to refresh.

Organization View:

Email Level View:

When you drill down to the Email level, you are able to see exactly who has:
•    Received (Delivered) or not received (Bounced) the Email
•    Opened or not opened the Email*
•    Clicked or not clicked on links  within the Email

* Tracking if an Email has been opened or not is very difficult. To track if an email has been opened or not requires the following:

•    Email must be in HTML format. Plain text Email will be counted as not opened.
•    Email program must have "display images" enabled. (Most desktop Email programs default to not displaying images in Email – the user has to allow this, however, Mobile devices display images by default.)

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