Fundraiser email templates

Give your participants a choice of different designs for their emails!

Your organization can pre-configure stylish email templates for your participants to use with their emails sent from inside the Fundraising Hub.

Templates can be created for the following email types sent by fundraisers:

  • Get Sponsors
  • Tell-A-Friend
  • Thank Sponsors
  • Thank Sponsors with E-Card
  • Recruit Team Members
  • Thank Team Sponsors

Step 1 Select the type of fundraiser email to customize

Go to the email section, under the "Individual Registrant Messages to their Donors" and/or the "Team Registrant Messages to their Members or Donors" sections, use the drop-down to select the type of email template you wish to create and choose the “add” button.

Step 2 Customize your email

  • Specify a default name and subject for the email template.
  • Insert your custom email content.
  • Choose “save” to make your template available to registrants.

Tip: If your campaign takes place over a period of a few months, try creating email designs with different holiday or seasonal themes!

Participants will now be able to choose a template from a drop-down inside the Fundraising Hub!

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