Course: Build Your Direct Donation Form (25 min)

Direct donation template will allow you to create a customized donation form to accept one-time and/or monthly donations.

What should you be able to do after completing this course?

  1. Set up an event
  2. Explain a donor's donation process 
  3. Understand how to manage event settings
  4. Enable and customize emails
  5. Update content pages and website design

Let's get started!

Set up a Direct Donation Form

1. Read this how-to article first
2. Try It Yourself: In the backend, create a new Direct Donation template.

Understand Your User's Experience

Manage Event Settings

1. Read "Donation Page Event Settings"
2. Try It Yourself: In the backend, enable the settings you want to use for your event.

Enable Emails

We provide a set of automated emails with default content which you can customize at any time. Please ensure you've enabled relevant emails for your donors and administrators.  


Enable all important emails (E.g. Thank You - Unsolicited, Tax Receipt emails, Admin Notification emails, etc.)


Update Content Pages and Website Design

It takes 50 milliseconds to form first impression about your website and decide whether users will stay or leave. In this video, you’ll pay particular attention to how you will create a great first impression of your event.


• Add a header image
• Add a background colour or upload a background image
• Update the button colour
• Go to the frontend and check out the updates


Make a Test Donation

See if you receive all relevant emails upon making a donation.

Want to further enhance your donation form? Check these out.

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