Event Setup Course (Part 3 of 5) : Widgets (15 min)

Widgets Lesson Intro

In this lesson, you will learn how to improve your website user experience by adding crucial fundraising features:

  • ScoreboardTop fundraiser list (Appears on the event home page)
  • Donor ListingListing of donors (Appears on your public personal and team fundraising pages)
  • ThermometerDisplays the event fundraising goal, amount raised (Appears on your public event pages)
  • Social MediaFacebook single sign-on, FB fundraising app, share buttons (Appears on multiple public event pages)
  • Charity message: Displays messages you share with a participant (Appears in the fundraising hub when your participant logs in)
  • Coaching Tip: Shows automated tips based on your participant's action or inaction (Appears in the fundraising hub when your participant logs in)

As you watch the videos please follow along with our trainer's instructions. The more you practice the more confidence you'll have when it's time for you to create a real event! 


Enable a Scoreboard

Scoreboard displays a list of participants who are your top fundraisers. Your scoreboard will only appear on your event home page.  


Enable a Donor Listing
Donor Listing displays a list of donors who have donated to your participants and teams. Donor Listing will appear on your participants' and teams' fundraising pages.


Enable a Thermometer
Thermometer displays a fundraising goal, total amount raised and percentage of goal achieved. Thermometer can appear on your event home page, location page, team page and personal page.  


Enable Your Social Media Settings
Enable social media share buttons and our Facebook Personal Fundraising app to allow your supporters to share your cause with others.

Download Your Facebook Resources Here 


Add Your Charity Message
Your charity message will appear on when your fundraisers log in to their fundraising hub. 

Sample Charity Message:

Learn about Coaching Tips
Coaching tip will display a tip that is applicable to each fundraiser.  Coaching tip will appear on the Welcome page inside the fundraiser's fundraising hub.  

Sample Coaching Tip:



Setting up a scoreboard
Setting up a donor listing
Enabling a thermometer
All Things Social
Adding a Charity Message
Using Coaching Tips

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