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To enable your Social Network Bookmarks, go to the Widget settings, under Social Network Settings.

(Note: The below screenshots were taken from an event/campaign template. If you are using another template such as Direct Donation you will only see three widgets- Thermometer, Social Network Settings and Google Analytics)

Step 1 Enable Add This Settings

Tip: If you do not want Share on all of your pages, uncheck and select which pages you want the share icons to appear. You can choose between registrant pages as well as public facing pages.

If you have an AddThis account ID you can enter the details here for tracking purposes.

Step 2 Upload Share Assets

Add your Twitter message, Facebook Description and Image.

Note:  Facebook requires an Addthis image of at least 200 x 200 pixels. 

Here is how your share will appear on Facebook:

and on Twitter:


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