Event readiness checklist - copied event

Please review this checklist when copying your event.

Important Links: use new event links to point users back to the event on your external site/s.

Event Settings: if this is your second event, enable the account verification options for individuals and teams

Edit Information: event and registration dates, goal, export event ID

Locations: event and registration dates, content (text & images), goal

Registration Types: has the registration fee changed?

Waiver: review content

Downloadable Forms: review content

User Defined Fields: review content

Widgets/Social Network Settings: review content

Widgets/Google Analytics: add a new account number to track event

Card Management: review content

Emails: ensure appropriate emails are enabled and review content

Content: review content and update links which may be pointing to the old event (check the event ID number in the URL’s).

Note: This will not be required if you did not add any links to your original site as the default buttons and links will update automatically to the new event ID links.

Media: review content (text, videos, images) for teams and individuals

Suggested giving amounts and their related comments

Purchase item settings (if applicable)(stock numbers, confirmation numbers, fulfillment email address)

Test Registrations:

  • Is the content comprehensive?
  • Test your links to ensure they are embedded correctly
  • Did you receive your confirmation email?
  • Was the process smooth?

Test Donation/Purchase:

  • Was your payment approved (payment gateway working)
  • Did you receive your Thank You and Tax Receipt emails?

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager or friendly Support Team. Good luck!

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