Setting up charity messages for your fundraisers

An elegant notification area on the fundraising welcome page allows your organization to engage with your fundraisers and quickly update them about important stages in your campaign.

Step 1 Click on Widgets

In the Charity Messages section, click Manage.

Step 2 Enter your message

Enter a Title and the body of the message into the Message field. There is a maximum of 500 characters for the message field and a maximum of 90 characters for the Title field.

Specify who you would like you want to display the message. By default the message will be shown to all participants. If you wish to only show the message to specific locations and registration types within your events, uncheck the Show for All Participants checkbox and select the location and registration type that are applicable in your scenario.

Click Add.

Step 3 Editing your charity messages

There is no limit to the number of messages that can be added, but only 5 messages will be shown to the participant while they are logged into the fundraising hub. The 5 messages displayed will be determined based on ranking of the message and Location & Registration type of the participant.

If there are multiple messages the message will display for 10 seconds before scrolling to the next message.

To edit an existing charity message, click on the message header as shown in the screenshot below:

Here is what your fundraisers will see:

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