Copying an event - things to remember

Event Links and Content:

When you copy an event, it is important to remember that some items still require updating in the new event. Most importantly are the donation and search URL’s listed on your home page.

Under “Event Summary” on the left hand navigation menu. You will find the current links in “Important Links”

Select “individual links” to see a list of links which you will most likely need. Copy them so that you have them handy for the next step.

Proceed to Content. Click on the links of any page that has links which require updating.

For example click on “Event Home Page” you will automatically be in the “Edit and Preview” section. At the bottom of this page is the WYSIWYG window in which you can edit various aspects of that page.

Tip: WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get and refers to the preview content window.

Click and drag your mouse over the old hyperlinks you wish to change. Once these links are highlighted you will then click the fourth icon from the left (the globe with a pin over it). This will bring up an alert window which has the web address associated with that hyperlink.

You will see that the URL is a reference to the old event, so here is where you replace the old URL with the new URL (which you have copied from the current events “Important Links” section) and click “OK” once done.

You will have to repeat this updating process in the various places you have links.


Social Networking Message:

Update your Facebook and Twitter messageing in the Widgets section under Social Networking.




Review your emails to ensure that you have not missed any event specific details from the previous event.

Tip: Use our system keywords to avoid updating basic event details year after year. See our keywords guide for more detail.


Media Player:

Remember to update your default personal and team message, found in the Media section. 




Other considerations:

Some other items to consider when copying an event might be:

  • Custom code, such as CSS that you may have added.
  • Images or headers that might read last year’s date.
  • Event and Registration dates
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