Multiple start times per location

This section will show you how to simply add multiple start times with limited registration spaces for those start times.

Let’s take the swim-a-thon example and say that we have an event which will run for 10 consecutive hours on a single day. This event will have 10 start times that begin at the start of each hour, and will have only 10 spaces for registrants each hour. How can we set this up using the wave feature?

Step 1 Create your Location

First we will set up the pool’s location by going into our event and then to the “locations” section of the left hand navigation menu. Then we will edit our default “First Location”.

Proceed to “Edit Location Details” in the left hand column. The default event details will be automatically associated to this event. You can change these details if the location details are different from you main event details, but for our example we will keep them.

Step 2 Create your Wave

Here we will create our first wave for our first 10 swimmers.

  • We have selected the wave name to display “First hour swimmer”
  • The wave is available to the public and therefore is not private
  • The Wave Start is set for the start time of the event because this wave type is meant for the first group of swimmers.
  • Since there are only 10 spaces in the pool we have selected 10 as the number in the“Registrant Block”
  • Since there are no teams in our event we have selected 0, but if your event was a team only event you would insert 10.
  • We want the starting registrant to be identified as 1 because they are the first registrant. If this was the second wave for swimmers, then you might choose to change the label to 11.
  • Once done click “Add Wave”, and then we will move forward creating our next wave.

  • This wave is essentially the same except for two important changes. The second wave starts not at 1pm, but for the second hour at 2pm. Also since the first registrants in the first wave will be given the registrant # from 1-10 we have decided to give the starting registrant in this second wave the # of 11.

You can then proceed inserting all your required Waves and once done don’t forget to select Add Wave and then Submit, otherwise your changes will not be saved.

Now when going through the registration process the multiple start times will be made visible to registrants at the select a location screen (unless they have reached the total # in that waves registrant block).

Front End View:

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