Adding a minimum donation amount

As an event administrator, you can enforce a minimum donation amount for your event. 

Step 1 Choose the event 

Step 2 From the left menu options, select Event Settings

Step 3 In the Donation section, place a check mark in the Enforce a minimum donation amount check box. Enter a value in the Minimum donation amount field.

Step 4 Go to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

Once the minimum donation amount is enabled, it will be enabled on the following donation pages:

• Solicited and unsolicited donation page
• Mobile donation page
• Facebook Friendship Powered donation page
• Facebook Friendship Powered mobile donation page
• Self-sponsor post registration
• Self-sponsor during registration (if "minimum self-sponsor during registration" is not enabled)

If a donor enters a value that is below the minimum donation amount, they will receive an error message as shown below.

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