Searching for a registrant

Step 1 Click on the Relationships Tab

Step 2 Select the Registrant Tab

  • Beside Constituent Type, choose whether to search for a registrant or a donor/purchaser.
  • Beside First/Organization Name, type the first name of the individual you want to search for or the name of the organization you want to search for.
  • Beside Last Name, if you are searching for an individual, type the last name. (Leave this blank if you are searching for an organization.)
  • If you want to search by ID number, type it beside Constituent ID.
  • If you want to search by email address, type all or part of it beside Email Address.
  • If you want to search by Registration Status. Select a registration status from the list.
  • Beside Event, click the arrow and choose a particular event OR choose All events.

Step 3 Click on the constituent you are searching for

If the constituent you want appears in the list, click the name. Otherwise, you can search again.

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