Changing the details of a donation

Step 1 Search the donor in the Relationships Tab

Search by any of the fields available and click the donor’s name.

Step 2 Click on the ‘paper’ icon under Donations

Step 3 Update the required information

  • Date
  • Amount
  • Status
    • Verified: Succeeded
    • Failed: Declined or Expired
    • Pending: A delay occurred in the payment gateway. Follow up with payment gateway provider
    • Voided: Voided
  • Donor Listing Permissions
    • Click to put a check mark in the box if the donor has given permission to appear in the donor listing on the registrant’s page.

Click submit.

Note: If you are changing the status of an online donation, you are also recommended to update the "payment status".  This will ensure consistency in your reports.  To update the payment status of a donation, click "view payments" on the top right of the screen.  Then view the payment details and adjust the status accordingly.

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