Donation report

This report contains donor information including name, address, donation details, dates and tax receipt information, as well as totals for number of donations and donation amounts.

Donation Reports are available in two formats:

  1. DETAILS: Includes details for each Donor.
  2. SUMMARY: Includes totals for all Donors.

Step 1: Click the Reports Tab

The following page appears, click Donation Report


Step 2: Set Report Criteria

Select the Event: Click the arrow beside Event and choose an event.

Select Format:

  • The Details – format includes details plus totals for donors from all sources in an Excel-friendly format
  • The Summary – File format includes totals for donors from all sources in a printable layout.

If the event has more than one location you may select a location(s) for the report.

Choose a starting and ending date for the event.

Click Generate Report

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