Reporting on mobile and social activity

We are all happy that a growing number of fundraisers and donors are using their smartphones and tablets to access fundraising pages to support your campaign. Mobile is another exciting channel that makes giving as easy as possible!

Understanding your Mobile Fundraisers

Mobile Fundraising Report

A “Mobile Fundraiser” is someone who has registered online for your campaign and has also used their smartphone or tablet to:

  • Log into their fundraising console through mobile web pages
  • Log into the event’s mobile app for Android or Phone

This report details the overall fundraising activity of those registrants.

  • Column E “Mobile Source” indicates the various ways a registrant has logged in.  The options are: iPhone App, Android App and/or the Mobile Web
  • Columns Q & S Indicates the total raised per registrant, detailing out both verified and unverified amounts raised. Remember that these show the total amount raised by the fundraiser overall, including all methods of fundraising through your FrontStream platform (online, mobile, cash & cheque, etc.) not just donations secured through mobile fundraising.

Snapshot Report – Mobile App Fundraising

  • Column CB “App Referred Donation”:  In the snapshot report for transaction type “Donation” and “Organization Donation” a Yes will be populated if solicitation for the donation originated from one of the 3 options in the mobile app.

For instance: A registrant in your event may have used the FrontStream Fundraising App to send emails to friends and family. If a friend clicked the link in that email and subsequently made a donation, the donor’s record would include “yes” under “Mobile App Referred Donation”. These donations may or may not be mobile donations, depending on how the donor chose to give.

Analysis: Comparing the performance of mobile VS non-mobile fundraisers

  • In the Mobile Fundraising Report, calculate the average of the fundraisers (Verified: Column Q)
  • In the Fundraising Details Report, first filter out or remove the mobile registrants, then calculate the average of the remaining fundraisers (Verified: Column X).

Comparing these averages will provide meaningful insight into the performance of your registrants.

2. Understanding your Mobile Donors

A “Mobile Donor” is someone who has made a donation on the mobile web through a mobile device like smartphone or a tablet.

Want to learn more about your fundraisers who have donors that are giving to you through their mobile device? (Click here for information on Filtering in MS Excel)

  • Run a Snapshot Report for your event.
  • Filter Column CB by specific registrant you wish to review.
  • Filter Column BW to see which donations were made on a mobile device
  • Sum those donations

3. Understanding Social activity for your Fundraisers and Donors

Snapshot Report: Facebook Friendship Powered Fundraising App & More

There are a few different ways that your registrants and donors might use Facebook to engage with your cause.

Some registrants or donors might log into Facebook on a registration or donation page to speed up the process of entering personal information.

  • Column AG “Facebook Connect” indicates if Facebook single sign on was used during registration or donation.
  • Some donors may have made a donation after seeing a post on Facebook. Those donors who clicked a link inside Facebook and then hit your event’s donation page are “Facebook-referred” donors.
  • Column CC “Facebook FPF Donation” indicates if the donation was made inside Facebook through the Friendship Powered Fundraising App.
  • Column CV indicates if Facebook was the referral source for the donation.

Some donors may choose to give inside Facebook through the Friendship Powered Fundraising App for Facebook.

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