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1. Question:  When I try to import my import file I get an error message that says “Please ensure the CSV file is in proper format.  The ‘ConstituentType’ element is invalid – The value ” is invalid according to its datatype ‘String’ – The Enumeration constraint failed.”

Answer: This error message indicates that the file you imported is in an invalid format.  Please ensure the following:

  • Your import file is saved as a CSV file type

  • You have not deleted or altered any of the column headings in the import template
  • All required fields are entered in the format indicated in the Registration Import Fields Explained and/or Donation Import Fields Explained document.

Note: The import is case and character sensitive. Changes to column headings and invalid content format will produce an error message.

2. Question:  When I try to import my import file I get an error message that says  “Please ensure the CSV file is in proper format. The ‘ExportDate’ element is invalid ….”

Answer: This would indicate that your export date is in the wrong format.  Please ensure that all dates indicated in your export are in YYYY-MM-DD format.

3. Question: Excel automatically re-formats the Dates I enter into another format. How do I prevent this?

Answer: Right click the cell you want to edit and then click “Format cells”. Under the Number tab, change the date format to YYYY-MM-DD (as shown below).

4. Question: How do I add a solicited donation?

Answer:  When entering the donor information into your import file you have the option to add a solicitor to each donation.  To do this, enter the solicitor’s constituent ID under the SolicitorID column.

Tip: You can retrieve the solicitors ID by downloading the Snapshot report (under the reports tab) or by viewing the registrant’s account in the Relationships tab.

5. Question:  How do I ensure that my imported donors receive electronic tax receipts?

Answer: To ensure that imported donations receive a tax receipt:

  • Enter the donors full address (Including: HomeAddressLine1, HomeCity, HomeProvince, Home PostalCode, HomeCountry)
  • Enter the donor’s email address under the HomeEmailAddress column
  • Enter “One-Time On-Line” as the DonationType
  • Enter “Succeeded” as the DonationStatus
  • Ensure that your Tax Receipt emails are enabled

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