How to import offline donors or registrants

The Data Import Tool allows you to import batches of Donor and/or Registrant records into an existing Event within e2RM.

Importing data into e2RM has several benefits:

    • Issue electronic tax receipts for donations that have been processed outside of e2RM (note: receipts & emails will be issued according to your tax receipt settings)
    • Handle partial tax receipting requirements by importing donor records with the appropriate charitable donation portion of your ticket price.
    • Get a complete view of your entire Event in the Reports & Relationships Tab by importing data collected offline.

Step 1 Create your Import File

Create your file using the template provided in the admin console. It is important when populating your file, that you follow strict formatting rules as defined in the below documents. For example, dates must be entered in the format provided.

Tip: The EventID is the Export EventID that you specified when creating the event. You can find this in the Event Summary section under Edit Information.

Registration Imports and Donation Imports have been separated for ease of use, but can also be included in one file.

These files are available on the Import Tab.

Step 2 Upload the File

When you are ready to import, select Next.

    • Beside File Format, select the format you are uploading. Most often, the type is CSV 1.1
    • Next, click Browse to search for your file on your computer

Click Next.

Tip: After clicking the Next button, the application transfers the import data file to the server and validates that its contents conform to the selected file format before advancing to the next step. If the validation fails, an error message will appear on this page and you can correct the situation by choosing the correct file format or by specifying a different import data file.

Step 3 Import the File

Beside Event, select “Events are specified in the import file” and select Import.

Import History

This page illustrates your historical imports, as well as the status of your most recent.

    • Pending: The import is still being inserted into the database.
    • Completed: The import has successfully been inserted into the database. Click View Details to review your imported data in the Relationships Tab.
    • ImportError: The import was in the correct format but some piece of information was mismatched. For example: EventID. Click View Details to review the ImportError.

Tip:   To ensure that imported donations receive a tax receipt:

    • Enter the donors full address (Including: HomeAddressLine1, HomeCity, HomeProvince, Home PostalCode, HomeCountry)
    • Enter the donor’s email address under the HomeEmailAddress column
    • Enter “One-Time On-Line” as the DonationType
    • Enter “Succeeded” as the DonationStatus
    • Ensure that your Tax Receipt emails are enabled for all applicable donor types (this is done at the event level, through the Events tab)
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