Enter donations directly to a corporate team via data entry

Step 1 Go to the Data Entry tab and select the batch in which you want to add the direct corporate team donation to. 

* Tip: Please ensure you are using a "Direct Team Sponsors Only" batch.


Step 2 Click Find a Team. You can search for the corporate team by either entering the corporate team name or the corporate team captain’s name.


Step 3 From the search results, click on Add or View Sponsors next to the corporate team.


Here you would enter the information of the donor (first name, last name, address, city, postal code, country, phone number, email, etc.).

Finally you would enter the donation amount, and indicate whether the donation was made by Cash/Cheque, or Credit Card.


Step 4 Click Save

  • Click Save and Add another Sponsor if you would like to add another donation to the same corporate team
  • Click Save and Search For another Team if you would like to add another donation to a different corporate team.
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