How do I create giving levels for my event?

Please select the event you want to add giving levels for within the Events & Campaigns tab.

Once you have chosen your event, please select the Edit Event option. Giving levels can be customized under the Custom Giving Amounts section of your edit event screen.


Custom Giving Amounts - Set the giving levels you want displayed on your event and fundraising pages. Tip! A giving level of other will always be an option.

  • Standard - Use our standard giving levels.
  • Set Custom Amounts - Choose your own giving levels and add a description for each.



After you have set your giving amounts, please be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the publish button to save all changes made. 

The below screenshot is what the giving levels look like live on the donation page. 

Below is an example of how your custom giving levels will look on each personal fundraising page under your event.

 Tip! At this time, giving levels are not able to be duplicated. Please make each giving level unique.


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