GiftWorks is Frozen or Not Responding

There may be times when GiftWorks appears to be "frozen" or displays a 'Not Responding' message at the top of the screen. Possible reasons or areas within GiftWorks this may occur include:

  • A database size that is larger than 200 MB
  • Extensive number of results to display on a Report, SmartList or Mailing
  • Backing up the database
  • Compacting the database
  • An import file that contains a large quantity of data
  • Import process-the database compacts every 500 rows

No need to panic! GiftWorks is actually working in the back ground. You will see the 'Not Responding' message if you have clicked somewhere in the program and then clicked again before GiftWorks could display your initial request. DO NOT force GiftWorks to close (by using Task Manager or shutting down your computer). This can cause database corruption. Be patient and wait for the 'Not Responding' message to disappear. This will be your indication that GiftWorks has finished processing and is ready to continue. You may also have performance issues that cause GiftWorks to appear to be frozen.

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