Why is GiftWorks slow?

GiftWorks can encounter slow performance for a number of reasons.

Here is a list of possible issue that may cause slowdown. Please review all of the items in this list to determine all the possible issues:

  1. GiftWorks has a lot of donors or donations. While there is no fixed limit of donors or donations, there are practical limits. Depending on your computer speed, the speed of your network, or other environmental factors, when you begin reach thousand of donors or donations you mayexperiencea gradual slow down of GiftWorks. This may be more pronounced with multiple users are connected to GiftWorks at the same time.
  2. The physical size of your GiftWorks database file (.gds) is too large. There are many things that can increase the size of your GiftWorks database file (.gds). Mailing letters with large graphics are the main cause of a large GiftWorks database file (.gds). A GiftWorks database file that is larger than 80-100 megabytes should be reviewed to ensure that it is as compact as can be. Also, be sure to compact your GiftWorks database regularly. This can be done by clicking on Settings/ Importing, Exporting and Data Management /Manage Your GiftWorks Database / Compact the Database After compacting your GiftWorks database, if it is not less than 80-100 megabytes, please contact GiftWorks Customer Care.
  3. Your network speed is not at least 100 mbps. Slower network speeds will cause a slowdown in GiftWorks performance.
  4. Your GiftWorks database might have some corruption. Please check your database by clicking on Settings /Importing, Exporting and Data Management /GiftWorks Checkup. If any errors are found, please contact GiftWorks Customer Care.

Please review the list and if you contact GiftWorks Customer Care, provide as many details as possible regarding your environment, computers, shared network folders, etc.

Here are some things you can try to help determine what might be the culprit regarding slow performance:


  1. If your GiftWorks database file (.gds) is stored on a shared network folder, try copying your GiftWorks database file to your local computer and point GiftWorks to that local GiftWorks database file. If it works faster when on your local computer, the problem may be with your speed, protocol problems, free space, etc. If it is still slow on your local computer, it may be an issue with your specific GiftWorks database file (.gds)
  2. If your GiftWorks database file (.gds) is stored on a shared network folder, try creating a new GiftWorks database in the same location as your GiftWorks database file. Add a donor or two to that new database and, if applicable, have other users connect to that new GiftWorks database also. If you experience slowness with the new GiftWorks database, then the problem is most likely related to your network, shared folder, etc.
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