GiftWorks is crashing

There are a number of operating system related issues that can cause GiftWorks to crash.

Some things to check are:


Temporarily disable or uninstall your Antivirus software and reopen CRM/GiftWorks. Sometimes the Antivirus software can interfere with CRM/GiftWorks.

Is Windows up to date?

  1. Please check for Windows updates. Go to:
  2. If there are any critical updates please install them.

Check the following settings:

  1. Right click on "My Computer"
  2. Click on Properties
  3. Click on the "Advanced" tab (or Advanced system settings in Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  4. In the "Performance" section, click the "Settings" button
  5. Click on the "Data Execution Prevention"tab
  6. If the top one is selected, then you are done. If the bottom one is selected, look in the list of programs and look for GiftWorks. If it is not there, add it. To do this click the "Add" button and browse to C:\Program Files(or Program Files(x86)\FrontStream (or Mission Research for GiftWorks 2014) \GiftWorks\System\giftwks.exe and then click OK to save your changes. This is the default location for GiftWorks, if you chose a different install location then you will need to browse to that path and find the system folder.
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