Limits in GiftWorks 2013

GiftWorks 2013 includes some limits in certain areas for the number of items (such as donors or donations) that can be processed at one time. These limits were created to improve the overall performance of GiftWorks and to prevent a user from inadvertently selecting a large number of results and waiting a long time for GiftWorks to return the results. When a limit reduces the number of results, GiftWorks informs the user either by a pop-up message or text on the screen. For example, the donor search is limited to returning 1000 donors which ensures the results will be displayed in a reasonable amount of time, even if a user enters search criteria that is not specific enough. If more than 1000 donors meet the search criteria, the text on the screen states that the first 1,000 of the total results were returned. These limits apply to GiftWorks Standard, Premium and Pro. Here is a list of the limits that exist in GiftWorks.

  • Find Duplicate Donors Limit to display 1000 potential duplicate donor groups
  • Manage Deleted Donors Limit to display 1000 deleted donors
  • Manage Deleted Donations Limit to display 1000 deleted donations
  • View and Manage Tasks Limit to display 200 tasks
  • Mailing, Labels & Envelopes Limit to 2500 recipients. (There is a hot-fix available to increase this limit to 10,000. If you need this done, please contact Customer Care)
  • Donor Search Limit to 1000 donors
  • Donors Dashboard Top 20 for Recently Added, Recently Changed, Donors with Current Tasks, Donors with Recent Gifts (with ties, there may be more), Top 10 for Donors with Largest Gifts (Note: Donors Assigned To Me and Donors for Group not available in Pro)
  • Donations Dashboard Top 20 for Latest Donations, Latest Pledges, Upcoming Payments, Overdue Payments (with ties, there may be more)
  • Donor Details Donations Tab Most recent 500 donations/soft-credits for donor (and each household member)
  • Donor SmartList Donations Preview Most recent 20 donations are shown
  • Reports
    • Chart and Graphs - Limit to 25 items (e.g. Campaigns, Funds, etc.)
    • List - Limit to 20 columns and 65,000 rows
    • RTF(e.g. Donor Summary report)- Limit of 20,000 rows
    • Summary View Reports (e.g. Donation Summary by Fund/Appeal report) - if the number of items (e.g. Campaigns, Funds, etc.) is greater than the recommended maximum (25) you will be given options to continue to generate the report with all the selected items or to only include the first 25 items.
  • SmartUpdate Warning if updating over 10,000 items Can still process with ability to Cancel
  • Posting Transactions to QuickBooks Limit to 1000 transactions
  • Letter Library - Letter size limit is 2000kb
  • Settings (GiftWorks Pro only) - Maximum Rows Per Page in Settings/Organization Info- Limit of 65,000 rows that can be displayed per page for any area that uses paging (e.g. SmartLists, Validate Donor Addresses, etc.)
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