GiftWorks 2014 and prior have been retired

The deadline has arrived for upgrading to the newest version of GiftWorks. In the last few months, we have been communicating to clients the decision to retire older versions of GiftWorks. This decision allows us to focus resources on building the best features and services inside the most upgraded GiftWorks platform. The GiftWorks Database File (.gds) containing your constituent and donation information has not been affected. However, as of April 1st, 2016 you will not be able to sign into your previous version of GiftWorks to export this data. Your steps are as follows: Step 1)

Upgrade to GiftWorks 2015: Please call the sales team at 1-800-687-8505 option 1. Our representatives will be happy to personally walk you through your account options to choose a pricing plan that suits your needs. Step 2)

Export your current data: Your GiftWorks Database File (.gds) can be opened in Microsoft Access to export your donor information. You can find step-by-step instructions for exporting your data here.

You may have been directed to this article if a question was sent into GiftWorks (Support or Sales) regarding unsupported versions of GiftWorks. We thank you for choosing GiftWorks and encourage you to take advantage of the new and upgraded platform.


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