Summary Posting Options

GiftWorks provides two summary options for your posting. These options let you decide how much detail your posting should include.

When you choose to Post Each Individual Transaction, GiftWorks posts one line for every transaction included in the posting date range that you have indicated. This option allows you to post transactions with a great level of detail.

If you choose the summary option, you can choose how your journal entries will be created for each post, either one journal entry for the current date, one journal entry for each date in the post, or one journal entry for each month in the post.

Each summary transaction will be assigned to a generic GiftWorks user in QuickBooks.

All QuickBooks posts, both detailed and summary, will have:
- The transactions summarized by fund and class for income and liability account lines and by account for all other account lines
- Fund names included in the memo line for income and liability account lines
- Class included for income or liability account lines.

Selecting detail or summary now will be your default selection next time you post.

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