What Posts in GiftWorks Posting Routine

While the GiftWorks Poster will not post directly into accounting software other than QuickBooks, the poster will create a .csv file of the posted data which you can then import to other accounting programs. Users are able to customize what gets included in the .csv posting file. The fields available for your .csv file include

  • Payment Id
  • Date
  • Transaction
  • Donor
  • Amount
  • Debit Account
  • Debit Account Number
  • Debit Account Name
  • Credit Account
  • Credit Account Number
  • Credit Account Name
  • Fund
  • Class
  • Campaign
  • Primary Payment Type
  • Secondary Payment Type
  • Posted
  • Posted Date
  • Last Action By

The direct QuickBooks post does not allow for this customization. The QuickBooks post creates the donor, adds the donor address, and adds the donation transaction as a journal entry with the check number (if its a check donation), payment type, and class. In terms of set-up GiftWorks will accept, for each fund designation, the debit and credit accounts for each of the revenue types (cash, pledge receivables, fixed assets and securities). These accounts can be further defined by the use of sub account designations in this format, like Donation:Unrestricted. Also, for each fund, you can assign what QuickBooks calls a class or sub:class designation, one to a Fund GiftWorks posting procedure transfers for each donation the accounts/sub-accounts, the class/sub-class, the transaction amount, the transaction date and the Fund name. You may want to put most of the detail in GiftWorks where you will have access to more tools for reporting and communication. On the QuickBooks side, you might equate all the trip funds to a specific class, relying on the QuickBooks memo field for the specific record

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