Honoraria and Memorial Donations SmartList or Report

To create a Honoraria/Memorial SmartList

  • Create a new SmartList based on Donations
  • Set the criteria as: Donation Details> Donation Honorarium/Memorial Name or Donation Honorarium/Memorial Title
  • Select which honorariums and/or memorials toinclude in the list and click Next.
  • You can Customize the information to be included in the SmartList, Add Criteria Set or Refine the list to create the SmartList that you need.

To create a Honoraria/Memorial Report

  • Click on the Reports > Donation Reports > Donation History
  • Select an honorarium/memorial SmartList from the SmartList Filter dropdown list, or select All Donors, select the Date Range. Click Ok
  • Click Customize Report in the Related Actions menu. Click on the Columns tab and check the information to include in the Report Be sure to check Honorarium/Memorial. Select Honorarium/Memorial from the Group Rows By dropdown list and click Ok.
  • The Donation History Report will list the Honorarium/Memorial and the donors who contributed to that honorarium/memorial and any other information you included in the column choices
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