Honoraria and Memorial Reports

To print listings of donors (categorized by the Honorarium/Memorial they contributed to) for your newsletter,click on the Reports section and select Donation History from the Donation Reports list

Report Choices gives you options for refining the Report. You can select an honorarium/memorial SmartList from the SmartList Filter dropdown list, or select All Donors, select the Date Range. Click Ok

Click Customize Report in the Related Actions menu. Click on the Columns tab and check the information to include in the Report Be sure to check Honorarium/Memorial. Select Honorarium/Memorial from the Group Rows By dropdown list and click Ok. The Donation History Report will list the Honorarium/Memorial and the donors who contributed to that honorarium/memorial and any other information you included in the column choices

You can update the Date Range as needed

Click Print in the Related Actions menu to print the Donation History Report

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