Importing from Donor Perfect (Desktop)

Here are some general instructions to extract data from Donor Perfect Desktop (not Donor Perfect Online)

To export your data from Donor Perfect, simply click on Utilities, then select Flexible Info Generator. In the next window, click on Export a File on the left-hand side. Click on which data table (.DBF format) you wish to export. Every data table in the system is listed here; nothing is withheld.

You will need to export one table at a time but every field within the table will be included without having to go through any manual process. You do have the option to select specific fields if you want to, but the default is to include them all. Click Do. You will get a choice of 5 different common export formats, including comma separated (CSV). Select the one you want, note the option to save the file with a different file name if desired, then click on OK. Proceed with an import into GiftWorks

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