Import to Update Email Addresses

If you want to update a Donors Email Address, you can do this by re-importing your data using the specific steps below.

The key to updating email addresses for donors that already exist in GiftWorks is to map the Email Name field. Whether you are using name matching or ID matching, GiftWorks will then look at the Email Name field (Home Email, Business Email, etc.) and if it finds the same Email Name, it will update the email address.

If you do not map an Email Name or if you map the Email Name and no match is found, a new email address will be added. Each email address in GiftWorks has an Email Name (GiftWorks either assigned it or you could have initially imported the email name).

You will need to go to your All Donors (or All Donors and Affiliate Donors) SmartList and customize the list to show Email Name and Email You can use the GiftWorks Id field to match your donors when you re-import so you will need to add in the Id column to the Excel file also. These should be the only columns you have displayed on the SmartList.

Now you will need to Export that list. Click on Export this List on the left then choose Save to file and save it to your computer. You can then update the email addresses on that list as needed.

**NOTE: You will NOT want to make any changes to the Email Name or the Id columns.

Go back to GiftWorks and backup your database. Then start the import process using this excel file. Under the Updating Existing Donors option, click the option to Choose the fields to use for matching your donors. Choose Id for the Choose your import field option and choose Donor Id for the Choose the GiftWorks field option. Choose to ignore the data if a match is not found. On the next screen, choose do not import for the Id column. Map ALL of the other columns and then import. This should overwrite all of the existing email address with the updated email address info. If everything looks good, we recommend saving another back up.

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