Emails from GiftWorks Showing two Senders

This output is a result of how your Outlook email is set up. Typically, Outlook email is set up to email directly though a pop3 link or via an Exchange server

If you are using an Exchange Server, and you enter a GiftWorks Sender email address that does not match the email address registered for the account you are using, the Exchange Server will not let you email. You must set the GiftWorks Sender email address with same name as registered for the account from which you are emailing

If you are using a pop3 account, two things can happen if the GiftWorks Sender email name is different from the account name: Either both names will appear in the email sender line or your pop 3 account will have been configured to put the two names into this format: 'Account Name' mailed on behalf of 'GiftWorks Sender Name.'

The only resolution is to make the names the same by changing the GiftWorks Sender Name to the account name or changing the account name to match the GiftWorks Sender Name you want to use

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