Send mailing to Household Only

If you have a list of individual donors, but would like to send a letter to their household profiles ONLY, GiftWorks can help.

You will need to have your Donor profiles linked to a Household profile via a Family Relationship, for this to work.

You can use any SmartList for your mailing.   In this example we will use the default All Donors SmartList.

Below you can see the Wilson Family Household profile and the Relationships tab showing the Family Relationships set up with Georgia Wilson and Gerda Wilson

Below is a screen shot of the All Donors SmartList.  You can see the 2 donors and the Household profile.  

You can start your mailing from the Mailing Tasks area on the left side of the screen when viewing your Smartlist.

Click on the Send Mail option on the left side of that SmartList

Then choose “Send Mail to These Donors”

Or you can start the mailing process from the main Mailings screen. Click on the Mailings icon> Send Mail > To a List > Choose the SmartLists option > Choose your SmartList

Both ways will take you to the screen below.  Choose the options you want here

Click Next

ON the Choose Recipients screen you will see an Uncheck option at the bottom right:

Click there and then choose “Uncheck Members of Included Households"

This will uncheck the donors that are on the list that ALSO have a Household on the list:



Now you can proceed with the mailing process using the new recipient list that contains Households Only rather than their members.


NOTE - If you are starting your mailing from a list of donors that does NOT include the Household profiles, you will need to do the following on the on the ‘Choose Recipients’ screen to add the Household profiles to the list.

In the lower right corner of the page, click Add and choose Add Households of Included Members.

This will add the Household profiles of the Donors that have a Family Relationship set up.

Click Check and choose Check All

Finally, click Uncheck and choose Uncheck Members of Included Households.

This will uncheck the donor profiles for those that now have a Household profile on the list.

Now you can proceed with the mailing process using the new recipient list that contains households rather than their members.

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